This recipe guide includes all the inside info you need to get started juicing in the healthiest way possible. Plus, bonus tips that teach you how to become your own juice master—no recipe required!

You’ve been hearing about the juicing craze for a while now. And you’re probably trying to weigh out the pros and cons of this recent phenomena: Is is for you? What can you expect? Is it really that healthy? 

The idea behind juicing is to start with fresh fruits and vegetables, remove the solids and fiber, then consume the juice as quickly as possible while it’s still fresh. This turns the tables on the processed diet we commonly consume and concentrates your meal into a vitamin-and-mineral supercharged drink that packs a healthy punch, minus all the extra nonsense.

Gold’s Gym is here to help! You can now download our FREE Recipe Guide to Juices, Tonics and Other Healthy Drinks —and get all the info you need to be on your way to healthy juice happiness.

Your Juice Recipe Guide includes:

  • How to know if juicing is right for you?
  • Key ingredients & supplies to have on hand
  • Some healthy recipes to get you started
  • How to design your own recipes - good for what ails you!

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