Gold's Gym SoCal New Member Benefits
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Welcome back! Our members are family and we continue to stay committed to motivating and supporting every member in their pursuit of a healthy, productive, and enjoyable life. We are happy to announce that certain locations are OPEN - check your location below for more info. 


Gold’s Gym SoCal has gone to great lengths to provide a safe fitness experience for all of our members and team members. We always stay true to our mission and core values. We will continue to diligently disinfect our gym facilities as well as comply with all state and county guidelines to continue to operate the finest, cleanest, and safest health clubs in Southern California. Every member, guest, and employee is family, and we take care of our family first and foremost.

Gold's Gym SoCal Team Members will be thoroughly cleaning the gym, and ensuring physical distancing is in place. We are encouraging members to wipe down equipment before and after each use. Please refer to the information below describing our safety and sanitization products available and in use at all of our locations. This information is also available at our sanitation tables found at check-in.

Cleaning Protocol Cleaning Materials



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Open Clubs
Gold's Gym Fullerton⁠
Gold's Gym Anaheim Town Square
Gold's Gym Garden Grove⁠
Gold's Gym Simi Valley⁠ Outdoor Playground
Gold's Gym Oxnard⁠ Outdoor Playground
Please contact if you are a member of Gold's Gym Anaheim Town Square or Pasadena for additional information.



Gold's Gym: Simi Valley & Oxnard
Monday - Friday: 5 AM - 9 PM
Saturday - Sunday: 7 AM - 4 PM
Kids' Club - Temporarily Closed
Gold's Gym: Anaheim Town Square, Garden Grove, & Fullerton
Monday - Friday: 6 AM - 9 PM
Saturday - Sunday: 7 AM - 4 PM
  • The state of California requires that all members in Los Angeles County MUST wear a mask and gloves upon entry and exit of our gyms. All other counties are required to wear a mask while in the clubs. We request that all members follow current county guidelines regarding masks.
    • Should a member need a mask and gloves, we will have masks available at our Pro Shop, while supplies last.
    • Members are encouraged to wear gloves when appropriate.
    • Members and staff are required to maintain a minimum 6-foot physical distance or as county mandates at all times for your safety. 
  • All members are asked to do their part by disinfecting equipment before and after each use, maintaining 6-foot physical distancing or as county mandates, staying home when sick, and doing everything they can to protect those around them. 
  • Some lockers and equipment will be temporarily unavailable for use to ensure a safe distance.
  • Water bottle refill stations are available throughout the club. Water fountains will be temporarily unavailable for use. Water is also available for purchase at the front desk.

  • We will perform touch-less temperature checks upon entry for our Team Members. No Team Member with a temperature above 100.4 degrees or showing any other symptoms will be allowed in the club. 
  • Team Members will be provided with and must wear, a face mask while inside the club.
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  • Our Team will proactively sanitize and disinfect all equipment and high-touch surfaces throughout the gym. All personal trainers and members are asked to sanitize equipment before and after use. We’ve added more hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray bottles, and other leading sanitization products to ensure every surface is sanitized for our members and guests.
  • Disinfectant wipes are available throughout the gym for use by members and guests.
  • Spray bottles filled with disinfectants are available for members and guests to use.
  • UV lighting is used in our HVAC systems, which kills up to 90% of microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, and germs.
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Our Gold’s Gym Group Exercise classes will resume helping you progress towards your fitness goals. We have placed physical distancing markers in our GGX rooms to ensure a 6-foot physical distance or as county mandates between participants. Classes will be limited in size and each member must remain in their designated area in order to maintain safety for all members and team.

Kid's Club


  • We understand how important our Kids' Club is to our members and we hope to reopen soon. We will announce an opening date as soon as we receive further guidance.
  • When Kids' Club is re-opened, gloves and masks will be worn by Kids' Club Team Members at all times.
  • Team Members will clean and disinfect floors throughout the Kids' Club and use disinfectant towels and sprays to consistently clean toys, chairs, tables, games, and slides used by children.
  • Capacity will be determined based on maintaining a 6-foot physical distancing or as county mandates.



What safety standards are you implementing?

Please review the safety standards Gold's Gym SoCal has implemented at top of page.


Do I have to wear a mask? 

The state of California requires that all members MUST wear a mask upon entry and exit of our gyms. It is recommended that members wear a mask while working out. We request that all members follow current county guidelines regarding masks.  At this time, all Team Members are required to wear masks while inside the gym.


What amenities are unavailable when you re-open? 

Kids' Club, towel service, jacuzzi and steam/sauna rooms will be temporarily unavailable. Please contact your local gym for more information or email

When will Kid's Club re-open?

We are awaiting clearance from the county and will advise members as soon as possible. We look forward to opening Kids' Club as soon as possible.

Why don’t I have towels anymore? Are my monthly dues lowered? Can I buy a towel?

Towel service will be temporarily unavailable until further notice. Monthly dues will not be lowered, but you can downgrade to another plan by contacting Members can choose to purchase a new hand towel for $1 or a new bath towel for $1.50.Members should take those towels with them when they leave the club, or adequately dispose of them.

Was my billing stopped? When will I be billed again?

Yes. Billing was immediately stopped for all members upon our closure in March 2020. Upon reopening in June 2020, all member billing will start again on the next-scheduled date according to your membership agreement unless you request to freeze your membership for an additional month. If you have any questions regarding billing, please contact and provide your membership ID.

Am I getting credit for the second part of March 2020 when you were closed?

Fortunately, we are reopening either on the same day of the month we closed and stopped billing, or within a day for some locations. So, there will be no adjustment necessary.  For example, if your billing date is on the first of the month, you last paid on March 1st.  If we closed your gym on March 16th and stopped billing on that date, we owe you for the rest of the month. Since we will not bill you again until July 1st, you have received the benefit of visiting the gym for the rest of June, or the rest of the month you have already paid for.  You will be billed for the exact amount on your membership agreement and there will be no need to prorate for any charges or credits on your next billing date.  If you have further questions, please email us at


My AFF (Annual Facility Fee) was due while you were closed. Will I get billed?

Yes. If your AFF was due during closure, you will be billed 30 days after we re-open our gyms.

If my membership was set to end during the closure period, will I receive the additional time?

Yes. If you prepaid for a multi-month membership, we will extend your expiration date by the number of days you missed during our period of closure. If your membership is paid monthly, and your term expired during our period of closure, we will honor that original expiration date should you choose to cancel.

Will I be billed for late fees from March 2020?

All late fees from March 2020 will be waived. All late fees will also be waived for 30 days after we re-open.

Can I still stop or freeze my membership?

Yes. All memberships were automatically frozen at no cost upon closure of our gyms. You may request that your membership remain frozen by contacting for more information and instructions.

Can I get credit for my paid-in-full membership that I did not get to use since the gyms were closed?

Yes, this time will be extended to your membership.

Can I still bring my VIP with me? Can I bring a guest?

Yes, you can bring in one guest per visit; we ask you please follow physical distancing guidelines.  

How do I cancel my membership? Can I cancel my Personal Training package?

For more information, please email

Are GGX (Group excercise classes) & small group classes still happening? How many people can take a class?

Yes, GGX (group exercise classes) and small group classes will still be offered to members. The number of people allowed in each class will depend on the size of the room. We are strictly following the 6-foot physical distancing protocol or county mandated guidelines so members remain safe.


Do I have a time limit in the gym?

No. At this time, we are not implementing any time limits at our gym locations.


Will you have a reservation system to access the gyms?

At this time, we do not require a reservation to access the gym. Please refer to our hours of operation and come in for your workout as you wish.